Surf lakes Launches New Reduced Size Model

Currently, Wavegarden and American Wave Machines are powering the only publicly available surf pools around the world. (With The Surf Ranch in Lemoore catering to select high dollar clients.) However, Surf Lakes — which offers 2000 waves per hour from its plunger technology — is garnering a lot of attention as of late, especially now that they are offering a new version of the pool that only requires a two acre site. For more info, check out the video above, and the press release from Surf Lakes below:

Gold Coast Qld: As demand for artificial wave facilities continues to grow, Surf Lakes – the Australian company behind its unique concentric wave making technology – has launched a new product model designed to suit reduced-sized footprints and with a view to targeting the beginner to intermediate surfing market.
While still producing up to 2000 waves per hour (like its “larger sibling” formerly 5 Waves now known as the Surf Lakes XL model) the new Surf Lakes model requires only two hectares (five acres) of land for construction, therefore has the potential to be built in areas closer to higher population densities where larger land holdings may be limited.
This new standard Surf Lakes model will boast waves suited to three levels of surfing ability – beginner, intermediate and advanced – and will be suited for body boards, body surfing, short boarding, longboarding and knee boarding.
“We’ve had close to 600 enquiries from all areas of the planet,” said Founder and CEO Aaron Trevis. “And while they all love the idea of building a Surf Lake XL model, many sites are just not large enough to cater for the 3.6 hectare lake.
“With our motto of ‘Everyone Gets a Break’ we also realise, that while the XL model will be ideal for athlete training and international events such as the Olympics, there is a huge opportunity to really penetrate non-surfing market places by locating near shopping malls and local sports fields and therefore we can share the stoke of riding waves by making facilities that are more accessible to all.”

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