Jackpocket App Introduces Private Lottery Pools as Powerball and Mega Millions Jackpots Approach Half a Million Dollars

NEW YORK–([1])–Coworkers, family members and all-around lottery lovers, rejoice! On Jackpocket[2],
an app that allows players to securely order official state lottery
tickets, anyone can create or join “Private Pools,” a new feature
for creating personalized, private lottery groups. With Jackpocket
Pools, players combine their tickets into a shared Powerball or Mega
Millions pot for better odds to win. Jackpocket does the math, splitting
the winnings accordingly and depositing funds directly into winners’
accounts if under $600. A number of features make Private Pools even
more personalized and social:

  • Name-it-Yourself: The opportunity to be creative is endless
    when you can create your own pool names! Some Jackpocket favorites so
    far: “Big Mamas Play Room,” “Call In to Work,” “Papa Needs a New Pair
    of Shoes.”
  • Slice of the Pie: The more tickets a player contributes to the
    pool, the greater their share of the jackpot winnings.
  • Prize Share Calculator: Using an adjustable slider, players can
    estimate their prize percentage of the jackpot based on the number of
    tickets they’ve contributed to the pool.
  • Activity Feed: Displays who’s joined the pool or who’s ordered
    more tickets, for an added social—and competitive—element.

“Joining a lottery pool is undoubtedly a popular pastime, but it’s no
secret they can be cumbersome to organize and manage, and even more so
when you win; with Jackpocket Pools, we play all roles: organizer, money
manager, ticket safeguard, winnings distributor and more,” said
Jackpocket Founder and CEO Peter Sullivan. “Equally as important as
simplifying the current system, we’re always driven by high quality
design and hope that’s reflected well in both Private and Public Pools.
From custom group names to each personified ‘Ballstar’ character to the
Activity feed, we created a pool experience with our players’ overall
enjoyment in mind and hope they agree!”

Earlier this month, two aircraft mechanics and friends of 10 years won
$50,000 in their Powerball pool, “Brothers,” during Jackpocket’s Private
Pools beta test. The launch of Private Pools follows Jackpocket’s
introduction of “Public
[3]” in August 2018, in which users contribute one ticket in a
combined Powerball or Mega Millions pot with other players, and winnings
are split evenly. In March 2019, over 5,000 people broke the Jackpocket
record for most people in a Public Pool when the Mega Millions jackpot
hit $750 million.

About Jackpocket

is the first third-party app in the U.S. that offers players a secure
way to order official state lottery tickets, such as Powerball, Mega
Millions and more. As a no-cost, no-integration, turnkey platform,
Jackpocket helps lotteries drive incremental revenue—benefiting
essential state programs such as public education, veterans assistance,
natural resources and more—while attracting new customers like
millennials who otherwise would not be active lottery players.

Jackpocket’s mission is to create a more convenient, fun and responsible
way to play the lottery. Through the app, players can place orders for
their favorite games, check lottery results, join lottery pools with
other Jackpocket players, and turn on autoplay so they never miss a
drawing. And by being the first company to automatically lock a player’s
identity to their ticket serial number, Jackpocket makes the lottery
even more secure. Jackpocket is currently available in Minnesota, New
Hampshire and Texas, and expanding to many new markets in 2019. Download
the app on iOS[5]
or Android[6],
and follow along on Facebook[7],
and Instagram[9].

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